Unified Collaboration Solutions

Collaboration and productivity are the sexiest terms in the corporate environment recently。 To have “real” and “timely” collaboration and high productivity, corporates need to level up their meeting rooms and offices with interactive, collaborative devices。 In modern working environment, it’s very common to have meetings, discussions, idea sharing with team members not in the same meeting room。 With good unified collaboration devices, the quality and efficiency of meeting and discussion can be strongly enhanced。


Customize the ideal unified collaboration screen that fits the market demand!


Our unified collaboration solution provides the most advanced touch technology which brings intuitive writing/touching experience, such as InGlassTM, PCAP, and infrared touch technology. Our UC solution also provides integration of audio and video, and stylish design fits modern meeting room. No matter the application is board meeting room, normal meeting room, or huddle room, customers can define the most suitable solution with HiteVision’s professional integration service.


UC picture

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